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Wedding Accessories

Wedding accessories are all those little details that tie it all together. There are some traditional accessories such as wedding veils, tiaras and garters. However, these days there is really nothing that says that you have to have a certain thing and not another. Let your style and personality guide you to how to best accessorize for your wedding.

Wedding veils

Wedding veils have been used for ages and they come in different lengths as well as slightly different styles. Lace veils or a simpler veil without added detail may go very nicely with your chosen dress. The veil can also be placed slightly differently depending on your hairstyle. So depending on what is of higher importance (or what you have already made up your mind made up about) hair-do or veil, one may have to adjust a little to accommodate the other. Most wedding dress shops also carry a selection of wedding veils so that you can try them on together with your dress. But you can also buy the veil separately of course.

Wedding tiara

A wedding tiara will give you a different look and style than the more traditional veil. Wedding tiaras are seen as a princess-like accessory and since they are quite popular, from time to time, there is a selection of them in a lot of wedding shops. You can go full out with a true princess style tiara for your wedding or you can choose a simpler tiara 'band'. Rhinestones are commonly used to create that spark and shine that tiaras are known for. Tiaras worn at weddings can also easily be taken on and off (depending on how it was put on). Remember to let your hair dresser know if you are planning on wearing a tiara and also be sure to bring it with you when you visit your hairstylist on your trial hair style and wedding day so that your tiara can be properly put on without ruining your hair.

If you are ordering a tiara for your wedding online, make sure to do it in good time for it to ship.

Wedding garter

Wedding garters are a long standing tradition. A lot of people choose the garter to be their one of their items out of the 'something old, something borrowed, something new and something blue'. Garters commonly come in white or white with a pink or blue ribbon through it or some other color. Make sure to double check if your garter comes in different sizes, just to make sure it will not be too big or uncomfortable for you. Often times the garter only comes in one size though but it never hurts to double check. Since garter are commonly one size fits all it makes for a good item to look for online if that is more convenient for you.

Garters for weddings are also a common bachelorette party gift for the bride.

Sometimes you can find garters at surprising places, that is, not only in wedding shops, but also in places such as paper stores where wedding albums, guest books and other little small knick-knacks are sold.

Garter tradition

It used to be the tradition that the groom took the garter off his new bride, after the ceremony and dinner, and tossed it to a lucky guy – much like how the bride tosses her bouquet. However, these days a lot of brides and grooms choose to skip this little garter ritual and maybe enjoy that in privacy instead. But if you do decide to take your garter off, not to worry, you probably won't miss it unless garters are a part of your daily underwear outfit.

Other wedding accessories

Other accessories that you may choose to wear at your wedding are things like jewelry; earrings, a bracelet and/or a necklace. It can also be a flower in your hair. Or maybe you choose to go a little funky and make your shoes a fun accessory by choosing a different color than your dress that goes with your flowers or other details, or by choosing a different look of your shoes. So your accessories are not limited to and, do not even necessarily have to include, a wedding veil, garter or tiara.