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Wedding Hair Styles And Cuts

Wedding hair style should be considered a few weeks before your wedding day, you don't want to do it too early so your hairdresser forgets what they did and don’t wait until too late, as the closer it gets to the wedding, the busier you will be. The hair style trial is one of those tasks you can take off your list a few weeks before the wedding.

If you are cutting your hair before the wedding also do that a few weeks before the wedding to allow for your hair style to 'set' and your hair to find its flow. Cutting your hair or even just a little trim will help liven up your hair for your big day.

Selecting your wedding hair style

Find the right hair style for your wedding by doing some research, look in wedding magazines or really any magazine where you might find nice hair styles (celebrity magazines etc.) and save pictures of the wedding hairstyles you like best. A lot of hair stylists specialize in wedding hair styling and you can ask if they have photos to see some of their previous work, just to get a sense of their style or variety of their expertise.

Most stylists will recommend that you come in for a hair style trial a couple of weeks or so before the wedding so that you can agree on what you want to do on the wedding day. This gives you time to experiment with different ideas and to select the hair do that is going to work best for you. Bring a picture of the wedding hair style you like. Or bring lots of pictures of wedding hair styles you like so that you have a selection. Your hair stylist will be able to tell you what would work best with your hair or give alternatives that may be along the same style. If you feel it may help, bring a photo of your wedding dress and make sure to explain what accessories and/or flowers you are planning on having, so that your hair stylist can take that into account and work with you to find the right hair style. As with most similar situations, make sure you feel comfortable with your wedding hair stylist, it is just one of those small things that makes the one or two early hours of your wedding day that much more pleasant.

Be vocal – make sure to express what you like and do not like. This will help both you and your hair stylist. They are maybe not as concerned as you about this being perfect, but they come a close second. They want you to be happy and satisfied when you leave their hairdressers chair.

One thing some hair stylists appreciate is to see a photo of you from the wedding, with the dress and all on so they get to see the complete picture. So if you liked your wedding hair stylist, put her/him on your list of people to send a wedding picture to.

Hair cuts and color before the wedding

If you need or want to cut your hair (or add color or highlights) before your wedding make sure to do so before you go for your hair style trial appointment with a professional hair stylist (unless you go to one and the same hair dresser for your cut, color and wedding hair style). This way your hair stylist knows what they have to work with on your wedding day. And bring the picture of the wedding hair styles that you liked.

The advantage with having your hair done by a professional for your wedding is that it takes the pressure off you, especially if you happen to wake up to a “bad hair day” on your wedding day. Also, take into consideration that there will be lots of other little things that will require your attention (even things that you didn’t plan for or expect and your hair style should not be one of them.


You will normally pay two costs; the first one for the trial and the second for your hair styling on your actual wedding day. After your trial you hair dresser should be able to give you a quote for your hair do. Find out what these costs range between if cost is of consideration before choosing a wedding hair stylist. Depending on whether or not you trust the hair stylist and again if cost is of the essence you may want the quote to be written down.

Do it yourself

If you feel comfortable doing your own hair (don't cut your hair yourself though, make the investment to have someone else do that for you) that can be a way to save some money.

A few things to make sure of if you have decided to do your wedding hair styling yourself is to; make sure you have the products and tools (for example curling iron or flat iron etc) that you need. Also make sure to practice doing your hair. Once you've selected your style make sure you practice doing it several times before your wedding, especially after getting your hair cut. It may be different from person to person but for a lot of people it works better to wash your hair the night before the wedding as oppose to the morning of the wedding, just makes your hair a little bit more manageable. Also, if you need a friend to help you with the hair on the back of your head, make sure they know what you want and get a chance to practice doing that hair style with you before the wedding.

Hair accessories and flowers

Wedding hair accessories and flowers can add that extra little detail to create a link between your hair style and your dress, shoes and the overall 'feel' of your wedding. You can usually find all kinds of different hair pins with rhinestones or gemstones to match the colors of your dress, shoes or maybe your groom's tie. Another alternative is to use a small flower, or several, which matches the ones in you wedding bouquet. But before you add extra details and accessories look over what you already have planned for earrings, bracelet, necklace and particularly whether or not you are wearing a veil. You can certainly add flowers or accessories to your hair either way but keeping in mind the other things you are going to be wearing will help you create a more thought-through and put-together look.