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Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes should be a fun accessory to shop for. There is such a wide variety of assortment and stores selling shoes that have that festive look so go to a few different stores to get a feel of what is out there.

Choosing your wedding shoes

A few things to keep in mind when shopping for wedding shoes:


Make sure your wedding shoes are comfortable; you are going to be in them for a long time and not only walk around , but also dance. By comfort we mean that the shoes for your wedding should fit nicely without pinching or pains and you should also feel comfortable walking in the shoes (not feel like you are worried about falling every step you take). If this requires practicing walking in the shoes you chose for your wedding then make sure to pencil some time in your calendar to do just that. If you can't get your shoes to stretch, and you bought them a little tight because the sales person told you they will stretch, some stores actually have a machine that can stretch the shoes a little bit for you. It is never a bad idea to slip in a few band-aids or a couple of 'second skin' pads in the clutch or your mothers, on the wedding day, just to be on the safe side.


You should consider the height of your heel when picking your wedding shoes, not only from a perspective of comfort, but for the length of your dress. Bring your shoes to your wedding dress fitting to make sure they gown's length is adjusted to work well with your shoes. You also might want to think about how tall you might appear next to your spouse, if a taller heel makes you appear taller than him, he might not be so keen on that. Do not feel obligated to get a taller heel that you are comfortable walking around in either, the last thing you want to do is walk around like it is you first time in high heels.


If you are getting married in the middle of winter and snow an open toed shoe may not be your best bet if you are doing outdoor shots (unless you have another pair of shoes to wear for any walks outdoors that you may need to make). Like with anything else the styles will come and go with seasons, pointy, round toed etc.


You can go traditional with a white or ivory shoe to match your dress. Depending on the season though it may or may not be as easy to find a great selection of white shoes (especially in the winter season) so consider alternatives such as metallics; silver, gold or bronze if you want to keep that more subtle look or choose a color that goes with your color theme. However, if it is your personality to have a little bit more color involved then that is another option. If you don't want to go with a wedding shoe of the same color of your dress a great choice is to go with a metallic as said before and this way you can match the color of the metallic with your other accessories. But you may also choose to go with a brighter color such as red, green, blue or pink – if you have incorporated a color in your theme for the wedding (the color of the groom's tie, your bridesmaids' dresses, your flowers etc) it may be nice to choose this color for your wedding shoes to tie it all together.


For some this last point is not a consideration, it all depends. But if you can choose a wedding shoe that you actually really like and think you can wear again I am sure that will make you feel even happier about your new pair of wedding shoes!

Seasonal shoes

Depending on the season you may need a different style of shoe for your wedding. Typically open toed shoes or a more sandal looking shoe will be recommended for late spring or summer weddings as they might be too cold for a winter or fall wedding. Do consider the area where you are getting married when you get your wedding shoes and where you will be going for your pictures etc. A lot of times you can get away with having one pair of shoes for your wedding and they will do the trick for the whole day. However, say at a winter wedding, if you want outdoor pictures you may need a different type of shoe like a boot, especially if you are going to need to walk in the snow (this is also why an open toe shoe wouldn't be to recommend in this type of scenario). If you go with a boot, consider the list above again (things like heel in relation to the wedding dress length etc as you don't want to step on your dress). Remember to think about the groom's shoes, there are plenty of great dress that will fit the mood and style of your wedding.