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Wedding Jewelry

Jewelry is a great accessory to create the wedding look you want. It can help accentuate features and colors of your dress, your hair style and it is an accessory that can be worn long after your wedding day.

Wedding jewelry does not have to be a particular type of jewelry although many people decide to step it up a notch and go a little fancier than they normally would. Rhinestones are common in wedding jewelry as well as other gemstones to add a bit of 'bling-bling' as they are much less expensive than diamonds but they still give a nice sparkle. Their life time of shine will not be that of a real stone but it does the trick if you want to stay within a reasonable budget. Wedding jewelry can often be found in stores selling wedding dresses and other wedding accessories. If you have decided to go with a colored shoe it may be nice to tie in the jewelry by choosing pieces that carry the color of your shoes to give a well put together look.

Wedding jewelry can be anything from earrings, necklaces, tiaras, bracelets etc. A lot of people don't worry about additional rings though as you will be getting a new one to decorate your hand with your wedding ring.

Bring your wedding jewelry with you to your dress fittings so that you can make sure it goes nicely with the wedding dress you've chosen.

Save your receipts and make sure you know if you can return the wedding jewelry it if it doesn't end up working with your dress. It may help to let the sales person know that the jewelry is to go with your wedding gown (as usually you can not return jewelry) – it may not work but is worth a try.

Wedding jewelry can also apply to the jewelry worn by the bridesmaids. If you want to coordinate the use of a specific piece – such as all of them wearing the same kind of necklace or wearing silver as opposed to white gold – talk to them and make sure they are okay with that. What a lot of people do is to get a small piece of jewelry as a gift of thanks to their bridesmaids, a piece that is to be worn the day of the wedding. This way you have a way to very gracefully let them know what you would like them to wear without feeling like you are asking them to go shopping for something they wouldn't necessarily have picked up themselves. Or you can always go shopping for some wedding jewelry all together!