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Wedding Showers

Wedding or bridal showers are smaller parties thrown in the honor of the bride. It is not unheard of to have a couple if you have lots of guests invited (or people for different 'circles' and it works better to split them up due to whatever reason) but one is often plenty.

A bridal shower can be arranged by the maid of honor and/or bridesmaids, or a friend of the family or family member. So the options are open but some traditions suggest that the mother of the bride should not be the one organizing the bridal shower. As far as the size of the party and 'style' of party you can go full out and throw a very fancy party or you can opt for a more casual gathering. It is really up to you and what you think the bride will appreciate and what will be appropriate for the occasion (having considered who will be there, likes and dislikes of the bride etc.).

Wedding shower gifts

Different things can be done as far as gifts goes. Some brides have a registry for the bridal shower alone. Common things to wish for are linens, towels etc. But of course it does not need to be limited to this. However, some bridal showers are more of a bridal party or bachelorette party where the girls get together for some fun – gifts or no gifts.

Wedding shower games

Speaking of bridal shower fun it can be a great idea to come up with a game that can be played during the shower. Search online or talk to friend who have attended bridal showers before to get some good ideas of games that might create the right mood for the crowd.

Or why not find and activity such as belly dancing (or pole dancing for the more daring crowd) or something else to learn that may be fun to try with your girl friends and the women of the families?

Wedding shower invitations

Wedding shower invitations are usually sent by the person who has volunteered to arrange the bridal shower. If you are arranging a wedding shower either ask the bride directly who should be there or ask the mothers of the bride and groom and close friends to figure out your wedding shower guest list. Depending on the venue, where you are going to hold the wedding shower, you may or may not have limited space and need to plan according to that. Or look for a different space that will accommodate all the guests.

A simple invitation card can be sent with a RSVP card included or details as to how to give their response to the invitation. Another option that is gaining ground is to send invitations online. This is a bit less formal and very easy for you to set up. There are web sites designed to handle your wedding shower invitation in a smooth way – look around and find a site that seems to offer what you are looking for. The thing to remember with online invitations is your audience. Not everyone has access to a computer or have e-mail so make sure that your invitation will reach who you are trying to invite and that they have ways to get in touch with you to respond.

Who to invite

The wedding shower does not need to be limited to just friends and family that are invited to the wedding. It is okay to invite more people that are going to wedding, generally though you want to make you invite the people who will be attending the wedding for sure.