Las Vegas weddings

Wedding destination Las Vegas! Not the most original destination but still very, very common for weddings. Las Vegas definitely offers a special feel and atmosphere to a wedding and as far as activities for your guests Las Vegas will not fall short.

Lights, fireworks and sunshine – Las Vegas will have this on the menu most days of the year. The 'traditional' Las Vegas wedding has been stereotyped as the Elvis impersonator and cheesy chapels but Las Vegas offers so much more (unless getting married by Elvis is your long time dream of course, that could probably be arranged). With all its fancy hotels and halls you can definitely find other options to the 'drop-in' Las Vegas wedding chapels to celebrate your wedding. Not to downplay the charm in the spontaneity of getting married in a small Vegas wedding chapel – it all comes down to personal flare.

Las Vegas weddings have one big benefit and that is that there are a ton of hotels located in a small area. So if your guests can not all book at the same hotel, chances are that they will find something across the street. As always when planning your wedding, if you are getting married at a hotel or resort, ask them what they offer as far as accommodation for your guests goes. A lot of times deals can be made on rooms if your guests stay at the same place as you are getting married at.

Las Vegas is a destination with many flight connections, making it a popular tourist destination that is fairly easy to get to within North America. Remember that it is a popular destination all year around when you think of the dates and notifying your guests so that they can book flights and hotels etc. You can probably avoid needing a lot of transportation other than to and from the hotel and airport depending on where you are getting married. You can make it easy and do it all at one Las Vegas wedding resort. Another option is of course to bus your guests to the destination where you are getting married from their hotel(s). When booking your Las Vegas wedding destination ask what type of services they offer and the proximity to other attractions if you want to make sure your guests are entertained throughout the whole duration of the trip.

Considering Las Vegas' reputation of a very lively and upbeat night life you may want to schedule your Vegas wedding ceremony a little later in the afternoon in order to allow for your guests to wake up and brush up before the wedding. For yourself and your partner, give yourself a little extra time in the morning the night before the wedding as Las Vegas has a tendency to have you stay up much longer than you intended.

You can also have your destination wedding in Las Vegas be one shared only by you and your loved one without family and friends around. If you choose to invite people to come out to Las Vegas to celebrate your wedding with you, as with any destination wedding, be prepared that some people will not be able to be there with you as traveling tends to cut your number of guests down a little.

If your Vegas wedding is planned to take place outdoors make sure that you consider the weather forecast. Las Vegas is out in the desert so it tends to be very hot and dry. You may want to consider getting married under a tent to protect yourself and your guests from the heat. Another consideration is having water served while people are getting seated (to avoid dehydration). This way you are also protected against rain, should that happen. Or getting married later in the afternoon or early evening will take the temperatures down a little and have the sun be on its way down and not be quite as harmful to yourself and your guests.

Vegas weddings are not known for quiet and played down, be prepared for a lot of sparkle, light and late night celebrations!