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Wedding Transportation

Depending on where you are having your wedding and if you are changing venues between your ceremony and reception you might require some transportation. There are many options.

Many people rent limousines to travel between wedding venues, as they are elegant, roomy and fun way to travel. Other options include the growing popularity of renting exotic sports cars and Hummers. These vehicles are often decorated with pompoms and 'Just Married' signs to cause attention to the newlyweds.

If you really want to go over the top, you can rent seaplanes and helicopters for really spectacular entrances and exits. But, be careful helicopters stir up a lot of wind and can wreck a brides hairstyle.

If your wedding reception is not in the same hotel as your guests are staying it can create logistical issues. The best thing to do in this case is offer a transportation service from the hotel to the reception location. Often times the hotel will have access to shuttles or be able recommend and help you get them put in place. Offering free transportation services to your guests to and from the reception venue will lessen the chances of guests driving after they have indulged in some wine or other alcoholic beverages.

Be sure to notify your guests of the times the shuttle or other transportation services will be running from and until. Remember to ensure that there are a few earlier times for the guests to leave that might not stay out as late.

Transportation Alternates

If you live in a cool touristy city and/or have lots of out of town guests it might be a great time filler to take them on a bus tour through the city. This can take people from the ceremony to the reception location in a fun form of transportation. It is can also double as a way to keep your wedding guests occupied when the wedding party are off getting their photos taken.

If there is water around you can entertain your guests on a boat ride instead of a bus. In some places, having your entire wedding ceremony could be done on a boat.