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Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are a special time to spend with your significant other. It is your yearly reminder of the love and care you have for one another. Be sure to make the time for yourselves despite your busy schedules. There is no need to include the kids, it is a special time between the two of you so make sure you enjoy it and do something special.

Make sure you decide as a couple whether or not to celebrate your 'dating' anniversary if during the first year of your marriage it was commemorative dating anniversary such as five or ten, go ahead and celebrate it, but it is not suggested to make a big deal of it every year, your wedding anniversary should be your new special anniversary date.

One thing a lot of people do not really think of when selecting their wedding day, is that their wedding day will become your anniversary date, so choose wisely!

Anniversary Dates

What to do with each other on your special anniversary date? Try to avoid falling into the rut of the typical fancy dinner and maybe a movie, you can do that almost any time. Sure, if you really do not find the time to do that enough, then go for it, but otherwise, try to do something more engaging.

Fun Anniversary ideas

  • The two of you can take a weekend getaway to the place where you got engaged. It will surely bring back lots of fond memories.
  • Along that same token you can spend a night in the hotel when you spent your first night together as a married couple.
  • Spend an evening at a fancy hotel, even if you cannot get away for the entire weekend, go to the local fancy hotel and live it up.
  • Take a trip to a winery together for some wine tasting and learn more about wines. Then be sure to purchase a couple bottles to enjoy by yourselves later and for future anniversaries celebrations.
  • If you are stuck needing to be close to home you can go to a spa together and get a couples massage.
  • Along that same note of massage, you can take a massage class together and give each other massages. The great thing about this idea, is once you learn the art of proper massage, this gift keeps on giving.

Something that might be good and healthy for your relationship, not to mention very fun is to always reflect with one another about you past year – if you even go so far as to write a little story together, fun times things you did and the year together, you can read over them year to year with each other. This is a great way to keep the memories freshly in tact and keep the memories close to your hearts.

Alternative Anniversary Ideas

Make it a commitment to do something you have never done before, like rock climbing, cross country skiing, dog-sledding, clay sculpture class, take a new language class together etc. This can be an exciting way to ensure that you keep growing your bonds together stronger.

A very exhilarating idea you can even do is something off the wall like take a vacation and pretend it is your honeymoon, do not expect deals or discount that you might have got on your real honeymoon. But you can relive all the excitement you had the first time around by sharing the original stories with new people.

One thing to make sure you do is have fun!