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Wedding Cake Toppers

A wedding cake topper is normally a small plastic figure or a groom and a bride which is placed at the top of the wedding cake. There is not much to wedding cake toppers really.

You can find them in a lot of stores that carry wedding related items such as stationary/invitations, wedding albums etc. The variety may not be great but you might be able to have the choice of hair color and skin color for the little figurines. A lot of brides save their wedding cake topper as a small reminder of their wedding day. If you are serving something else other than a wedding cake, such as cup cakes, you can still use a wedding cake topper on one of the cup cakes if you want to 'top off' your evening so to say.

The most common type of wedding cake topper is a bride and groom all dressed up in their wedding gown and tuxedo.