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Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations are often thought of as wedding table decorations and decorations for your wedding venue. The decorations chosen for your wedding are a great way to put your personal flavor on your 'party'.

There are different options as to what to do for wedding table decorations that you can choose from to show your taste and to make it play with the rest of your wedding. You are not limited only to flowers for table decorations, so think outside the box and take in to account the surroundings of your wedding, the interior of your wedding venue and the colors that you've chosen for your wedding – all these aspects can be taken as inspiration for your wedding table decorations and decoration for your wedding ceremony venue.

Depending on the lighting at your wedding venue you might want to consider putting up lights, lighting such as smaller Christmas tree lights might work well to add both decorative feel or set up candles to get that feel of soft warm lighting.

Some venues, such as wedding chapels and gardens might not require any extra decorations because they are already quite beautiful. So be sure to visit your venue(s) a few times to ensure that you know what kind of space you have for your decorations as well what decorations might or might not be required.

Reception venue

The reception venue can be decorated to make you feel like you are in that very special place only made for you. Flowers, balloon, lights and candles – whatever it is that the room need or you need to make sure that it has the mood and the atmosphere go out and look where you can find it in your colors, sizes etc.