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Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk wedding flowers are an alternative to real flowers if you have allergy concerns or if their 'life time' is a big concern (take for example if you have to transport them a longer distance). One advantage with silk flowers is obviously that they will last and last and last. You can also choose to do some of the wedding flower arrangements in silk and others with real flowers. For example, the flower decorations for the wedding venues may be silk while the wedding party's flowers are real, any combination will work so long as you are happy. If you find a silk flower arrangement you love it is a great perk to be able to bring it home afterwards and keep it in a special place in your home as a constant reminder of your wedding day.

Silk flowers come in all kinds of different arrangements and can also be made to order. Ask your florist for alternatives and what type of flowers you can choose from. It may be harder to find the same type of selection as you would fresh flowers. But on the other hand when certain fresh flowers are out of season you may be able to find that type of flower in silk for your wedding. So play with you options and choose what will work best for you and any kind of limitations you might be trying to accommodate for.

As with most things for your wedding, shop around and ask different stores what they can offer as far as selection and pricing (especially if you are making a larger order). It is always nice to see some samples too, so that you can get a sense for the quality and how realistic they are. Some sellers of wedding silk flowers also offer scented silk flowers, so be sure to ask about this. If your concern is allergies you may want to stay away from scented flowers all together. Just something to keep in mind.

Silk flowers for your wedding can also be a good budget choice as many times you can get them less expensive then fresh flowers. This may be a good choice especially during prime flower and wedding seasons (such as summers, around Valentine's day etc) as fresh flower prices tend to go up during these times so silk flowers for your wedding may be the right choice for you.