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Save the Date

Save the date cards, reminders or other creative symbols are great ways to make sure your guests will remember, and save, the date of your wedding. This is a very simple, small yet kind gesture to help your guests get organized, especially if you are sending out your wedding invitations quite far in advance. Before you choose your save the date reminder for your wedding consider what's below.

Save the date practicalities

Most people who send save the date reminders to their guests send them enclosed with their invitation, alternatively you can split it up (higher postage costs though) and send the reminders only to people who has responded with a 'yes' (remember though that the second alternative is only really beneficial if you have asked for RSVPs far in advance of your wedding).

You can be as creative as you want to when it comes to save the date items, but do think about their functionality, they need to be somewhat practical in order to serve their purpose. Things like magnets, an extra insert in your wedding invitations, mint tins, stickers, chocolate bars, bookmarks, t-shirts, and candles etc are all options for you. Keep in mind though that if you choose something where the date is on the wrapper or an actual edible item chances are that your 'save the date' item is going to disappear quite quickly.

Pay attention to materials used, the shape and form of the 'save the date' reminder. The easiest way to go is to choose an item that you can easily slip into an envelope and that isn't of high risk to get damaged by the treatment it will get during the mailing process. Things that are bigger in size and maybe a bit bulkier will make it hard to seal the envelope properly and may impact the esthetics of your wedding invitation package and may require separate packaging and shipping. But if you are going through the extra effort to really make this a piece to remember, then these extra costs may be well worth it as they usually are appreciated little surprises for your guests.

Weigh the effort and cost of having these save the date items made against their benefit, functionality and also of course your idea of your dream wedding, just to be sure you do not get too caught up in things that may not actually matter that much. There are many options to choose from here so pick one that works the best for you.

Save the date magnets

Magnets with the date of your wedding printed on them are smart solution; they can be made fairly small so they would fit in an envelope. Also people usually place magnets on surfaces such as their fridges, a place that they will be by several times a day. So a fridge magnet probably gets the most exposure and can truly do the job of having your guests be reminded of the date of your wedding frequently. A lot of places will custom design the magnet for you so you can pick your colors etc and coordinate it with the color theme or patterns chosen for your wedding.

Save the date magnets are a stylish and useful way to keep your guests informed and in the loop about your wedding day. Sticking the magnet on a refrigerator or cube wall means they will see your save the date multiple times a day and think of your upcoming event. As a perk, guests will likely never lose your wedding details.

Inserts in invitation

Another very common way of handling 'save the date' reminders is to print an extra insert to include in your wedding invitation. A simple, small note that has your date printed on it and maybe also the location where the wedding will be held as the main purpose with the save the date reminder for your wedding is to make sure your guests will be there and that they are making all the appropriate arrangements well in time for your wedding. Another nice thing with an insert is that if you have a theme for your wedding that you really want to shine through, this is another potential connector to that theme.

Mints or chocolate bars

Through some websites you can design a tin mint box that includes the date of your wedding, same things for chocolate bar wrappers. A mint box may be carried in a purse and indeed get quite a few glances, however a chocolate wrapper will most likely be tossed away once the candy is gone, however it is a nice gesture that will probably be much appreciated.

T-shirts, candles and bookmarks

You can find stores online and offline that print t-shirts very easily so if this is an option that you are compelled to it shouldn't be hard to find a way to go through with the idea. The challenge here may be sizes as you would need to guess what size people need, buy extra t-shirts or just go with one size for all. If you do get everyone t-shirts as a save the date reminder you could even have that be the attire everyone wears if you have a little get together the day before the wedding, if you do happen to have anything like that planned. If you are going through the extra effort and spending the money on something like this it is a fun idea to somehow tie it together with your wedding.

Candles will burn down but meanwhile they will definitely shine some light on your wedding date. It really all depends on what you want to achieve, what fits your taste and how original you want to be.

Bookmarks are great (especially for people that read a lot!) as they can actually be used in two ways; as an actual bookmark or people may just choose to put them up on their fridge door, either way mission accomplished. Bookmarks can probably be printed together with your invitations and that way saving you some time and money. If you want them to be treated any differently (say glossy as oppose to matt), talk to who ever is printing your invitations to make sure you get a quote and can consider your options. Custom design your bookmarks along the look and feel of your wedding to just add that extra little touch of thought and elegance.

There is really no limitation of what you can do with your save the date ideas, so have fun with it.