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Wedding photo albums are a great keep sake for all your memories of maybe the most important day of your life. Albums with photos of your wedding offer a lovely way to sit down and go back to that day of your wedding. Wedding albums are a way to always keep a little bit of that special day with you by the quick flip of a cover.

Shopping for a wedding album

Wedding albums can be found in a large variety of stores however you stand a good chance at finding something specially geared to weddings in specialty wedding stores or stationary/card stores. If they do not have what you are looking for, ask them if they have any catalogues you can browse through and make specialty orders from. Some stores may order at specific times of the year, ask when they are expecting a new shipment and if you can see what they have ordered. Be sure though to have enough buffer time and have a plan b, just in case. The good news is that you do not have to have an album before your actual wedding. You will have some time after it to get everything together and shop around. Also ask your photographer for tips of stores or sources.

Another alternative is of course to go online and find your wedding album there. Keep in mind that colors can look different on various screens/monitors and you will obviously not get the same sense of quality and materials as you would if you could actually touch it but it does open up your options.

Wedding albums come in many different shapes and forms as well as materials. You can find leather photo albums, linen and other materials that may suit your taste.

Putting together your wedding album

Some photographers actually offer to put together your wedding photo album as either part of their services or as an additional service provided upon request. Having a photographer put the album together may have some benefits such as saving time and they usually know what quality to print the photos at and will make esthetically pleasing etc. Consult your photographer and ask to see samples if you are interested in going this route. If you go this way make sure that you get to work with the photographer to pick out what photos you want to include in the actual album. Otherwise you might end up with people you have never met before that day in your photo album.

If you put your album together yourself have a look at the quality of prints available to you and also view samples of matt vs. glossy, color vs. black and white. You can certainly mix colored photos with black and white ones, so have a look and choose what works best for each individual photo. Do keep in mind that it is probably best to stick with either all photos being matt or all of them being glossy just to give an elegant and consistent appearance.

Size of album

A few decades back a wedding album was often just 10-20 pages, so only a select few images made it in there. These days there are many options and it's quite common that you can get albums that fit 70 or more images. So if you do want to include a lot of photos from your wedding day, be sure to keep this in mind when you go shopping for your wedding album. Albums come in different sizes such as square and rectangular. Whichever you do first, buy an album or print the pictures, make sure that the two go together.

Wedding albums as gifts

Wedding photo albums are great gifts to the parents of the groom and the bride. Most parents would be delighted to know they get an album and do not have to worry about the effort of putting one together themselves. It is also a great way to say thank you for their support and encouragement throughout the planning of the wedding.

You can choose to make the gift albums copies of your own (to keep it easy when it comes to picking what photos to print, what albums to choose etc.) or you can make them slightly different. For example for the parents of the bride, maybe include more photos of the bride and any siblings of the bride etc in the album. You can also choose to make the gift wedding albums slightly smaller than your own.

Color of wedding album

Wedding albums often tend to be white or ivory to be coordinated with the color of the dress the bride wore and of course the color white/ivory/cream often send peoples' thoughts to weddings. However, you may also choose to color coordinate your album with something else in your wedding theme such as the wedding flowers, wedding website or if you had another color you used for your decorations or invitations those are other options.

Wedding photo album ideas

One idea for your wedding photo album is to dry press a flower from the wedding bouquet in it. That way you can tie several different colors and items of your wedding together in one place that you will have forever. You can also include not only the photos your wedding photographer took but if there are also photos that you have leading up to the wedding, getting ready the big day or photos from the honeymoon that you really like, include them as well to give an overall impression and experience of this time of your life as very likely the time leading up to it and directly after was also very special in many ways.

You can also do a little diary-photo album combination and write down notes and comments to your photos about feelings and memories of that moment which will surely be nice to reminisce over at a later time. You can also do "Groom" and "Bride" comments to make it a little fun and see how differently you felt or reacted to situations or how alike your experience was. But do this with a light heart, without judgment and expectations and just have fun with it. A good idea is to do a draft first and not write in your actual wedding album, just incase you want to change things, correct grammar or spelling etc.