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Wedding Rings

Wedding rings or more aptly called wedding bands can be considered the true symbol of a marriage. They are given by each of the people performing their nuptials to their loved one as a lasting reminder of their love and commitment to one another for the rest of their lives.

Rings at the wedding ceremony

There are a few traditional approaches when It comes to wedding rings. If there is a ring bearer, than this lucky young man will walk down the aisle "bearing" the wedding bands on a wedding ring pillow. Often the pillow is fancy with embroidery and has ribbons to help tie the rings down, since the ring bearer is typically a young boy and might have difficulty balancing the rings on a pillow for the entire walk down the aisle.

Another tradition is to give the rings to the best man to look after. The best man will carry them with him until which time he is asked to hand them back over to the priest or whoever is running the ceremony. The marriage conductor will then pass the rings along to the bride and groom to give to the other during the wedding vows.

Choosing the right ring for you

It is important to select a wedding ring that you will cherish for the rest of your life, as you will have it forever. There are many different options for wedding bands.

You've finally found that special person, now it's time to purchase a diamond. Every couple is unique, and the ring should be as well. There is plenty of selection out there, and whether it's a new engagement ring or the timeless family heirloom, make sure you choose the ring with your future bride in mind.

Wedding band sets

You can buy them in wedding band sets, so, they are matching, but have a distinct look for the man's wedding band that is usually wider and potentially a little thicker. The woman's version of the ring is often a little thinner than the man's wedding ring. Keep in mind when you get a wedding ring set that you both have to like the rings, even though you might have a different idea of what you each want.

Another thing to consider is getting a ring set that the wedding band matches the engagement ring. This however might make it more difficult to get a matching band set for the man's ring too.

Diamond wedding rings

Something that is becoming more and more popular is the addition of diamonds to wedding bands. There are many different styles of these rings that make use of smaller diamonds that are set into the wedding band.


A common thing that is often overlooked by all the excitement of wedding planning is to remember to get your wedding rings engraved. A fun idea is to the engraving a secret, so that you can share it later on during your special day.

Some engraving ideas

Wedding Dates, "I love you", "Eternally Yours", Pet names etc. Be creative, I am sure that only you and your spouse know exactly what you should have engraved in your wedding bands. The space is limited so you will need to keep it short and sweet. And remember, nobody else has to know you engraved for each other.

Wedding band material

The most common materials in wedding rings are gold and platinum. Platinum is quite expensive and very heavy. Some people find the ring, depending on its size, can be almost too heavy.


There are many types of gold when it comes to wedding rings. First is the color, yellow gold or white gold. Yellow gold is the more tradition color of gold. These days white gold is becoming much more popular. Another decision that needs to be made about rings is the gold karat grading. Common karat grades are 10k, 14k, 18k and 22k.

You do not have to match all the rings in the same materials, but there is a good chance that the engagement ring and wedding band will need to be made out of the same material. The rings will all match better if they are made out of the same materials and have the same karat grade.

Always remember, you will have this ring on your forever, so make sure it is comfortable. There is an option that your jeweller can make for your ring called a comfort fit. This means the ring is shaped to be a little more smooth and rounded for a more comfortable fit.

There are so many options to choose from, so you should never have to settle. Just remember that it will be with you forever, so choose something that is timeless and not just a passing fad, or your rings will look dated. But maybe that is a good thing.