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Wedding Ring Pillows

Wedding ring pillows are traditionally decorative pillows that have the wedding rings placed delicately on them for their trip down the aisle. The young ring bearer usually walks the wedding ring pillow down the aisle.

In the interest of not losing the rings or having any sort of accident, considering the young age of the ring bearer, having the rings sew down or tied to the pillow is a very good idea. If you are purchasing a ring pillow, many will have some ribbon available in the center of the pillow to tie down the wedding rings. During the busy day, make sure that someone has been assigned the task of giving the ring bearer the ring pillow with the rings securely fastened to it.

Another common practice is the use of faux rings that are carried down the aisle. Using fake rings allows them to be sewn on tight to the pillow, as there is no need for them to come free. This way the rings are kept safely at all times, by the (hopefully) more responsible best man. Some wedding ring pillows even come with the fake, or sometimes referred to as ceremonial rings. Some ring pillows will even have a cute little box attached to it to place the rings inside of it.

Wedding ring pillows are typically white or an off shade such as pearl or ivory and often are made out of satin. They can often be decorated with such things as lace, beads and other pretty materials. Other options include having a corded edge, or silk tassels on the corners. This however does not need to be the case. You can use any color you would like. This is one of those accent things that can be made, or bought, to match the bridesmaid dresses, the flowers or any other wedding decorations you might have.

Pillow sizes can range from 4 inches to 10 inches across, and are most commonly square in shape but you can get heart shaped ones too. If you were to make your own, you can obviously get any size and shape you would desire. If you were to make your own pillow, or modify existing pillows but adding your own decorations, but be sure to think about adding some sort of ring fastening device, such as ribbon, thread or string to attach the rings to. You can be really creative and use just about anything to mix things up a little if you so desire.

Wedding ring pillows can make for beautiful wedding photos, so make sure that you let your wedding photographer have a few minutes of time with your pillow before the ceremony begins. They should be able to captures some lovely shots for your wedding photo album.

Another option is to have your wedding ring pillow personalized or monogrammed. As this special item could become a keepsake, especially if was monogrammed with your names on it and maybe even the date of your wedding too. If your photographer were to get a beautiful shot of it, you might even consider using it for your thank you cards.