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Wedding Halls

Wedding reception halls can be anything from a gym hall, to a golf club to a hotel or a more rustic idea like a lodge. You can decide to have both your wedding reception and the ceremony in the same hall or these could be executed in different locations. Check out golf clubs, community halls, hotel halls etc to find out what they have to offer. Then set up appointments with those you are interested in seeing.

There is one thing that usually weights high when trying to decide on a hall for your wedding reception – numbers! If you already know that the minimum number of guest is going to be 50 for example, then any hall that does not fit 50 people is out of the question. Or the other way it may work is that you find the perfect location that you fall in love with and you narrow your guest numbers down from that. Either way, do what feels like the right combination and/or compromise.

Look at the potential of the hall; is there lots of sources of natural light, what is the lighting system like, access (are there elevators if the wedding hall is not on the ground floor), what are the colors in the hall and do these work for what you had in mind, what does the hall come with and what would you need to add as well as what can you change. Are there good spaces for a DJ or band, a gift table, a table for the guest book and how is the set up for the head table; can you fit a long, rectangular table or are you restricted to a differently shaped table, also is the head table raised or set on the floor (sometimes both are possible and the decision in yours). Make sure you know what service is offered and comes a long with the price of the hall as well as what costs you are looking at for any added services organized by the hall staff. Based on this you will know what services you will need to organize on your own.

One thing that is sometimes overlooked when deciding on a wedding reception hall is the parking available to it. Your guests will most likely be dressed up and may not have the appropriate attire for rain or cold weather if they need to park far away and walk to the wedding reception hall. Also consider the closeness or distance to the wedding ceremony location to make sure transportation is considered and that people can make it to the reception in time.

Wedding halls sometimes already have tables and chairs but if you are very set on a color theme you may need to bring in chair covers and napkins etc to create this feel. Also ask to look at the china they use (if different from simple white). Make sure to note anything like this that will require further planning and coordination from your perspective.