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Wedding Chapels

Wedding chapels are often used for the wedding ceremony. Most cities, towns and communities have a chapel available for couples getting married. If you are getting married in a chapel it is usually synonymous with getting married in a church as a chapel is usually defined as smaller than a church or a subordinate of a church. Something to research is whether or not you would need to get married by a particular priest who handles that church/chapel or if you can bring someone else in (in case you already have someone in mind).

To get married in a church you would need to get married by a priest (not a justice of peace or similar). When choosing your chapel make sure you know how many people it can accommodate. If you are planning on having someone sing, or play an instrument make sure there is space for that and that there is nothing stating that you can't do that for whatever reason. Also see if the priest is available for a wedding rehearsal or if you can have access to the chapel the evening before the wedding to do a rehearsal with your wedding party. The priest of the chapel may have an idea of how you best position yourself and the rest of the wedding party so that is a good thing to discuss prior to the wedding.

Las Vegas wedding chapels

Las Vegas is known for their weddings and many wedding chapels. A lot of time you can 'walk-in' to get married or very little planning is required. If you want to go a little bit more full out, research what hotels in the area offer and if they have access to a wedding chapel. And if you are a true Elvis fan you can probably find yourself an Elvis to marry you off. Almost anything is possible in Vegas!