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Wedding Websites

Wedding web sites are becoming more and more popular. They are a great way of offering more information to your guests so that you do not overload your guest with information on your wedding invitation.

It is not suggested to rely completely on your web site as the vessel to inform your guests about your wedding, as people like your grandparents and surprisingly more of your friends than you might think, may not use it.

What to put on it

Well that is entirely up to the wedding couple. It is a good idea to include important information such as wedding date, times of ceremony and dinner. Websites can offer information above and beyond what was included in your invitations for things like links to address locations through interactive maps. Your wedding website is basically an enhanced version of your wedding invitation. It will have a lot of the same information, but likely a lot more and in greater detail. Chances are it is also a lot more convenient for many of your guests.

Expected information

Entertaining information

  • Background on the wedding party
  • Background on the parents of the bride and groom
  • Pictures of bride and groom
  • Pictures of the wedding party and parents
  • Fun things to do for out of town guests

Enhanced information

  • An online RSVP system (allows food allergies form submission)
  • Take music requests
  • Administration
  • Store information about your guests such as address, RSVP answer
  • Wedding gift tracking

Be creative

There are probably lots of things you can add to make your wedding web site more entertaining. You can put bachelor or bachelorette party planning information, wedding shower party information, have forums or blog posts for guests and yourself to keep in touch with your wedding guests.

After the wedding

Now that you have a wedding website and your friends and family already know about it and visit it. Why not use this medium to put all your wedding photos or photos from the honeymoon trip maybe? Or this web site can be turned into your blog to share your stories about starting out your new family.

Choosing a domain

Before choosing a domain for your web site, think about what you want your site to be used for? If you will never use it at all after the wedding, then you can choose something like but if you plan to use the domain for things we mentioned above you might want to consider not using the word wedding at all in the domain. You can always use "wedding" as a subdomain if you would like to include it in your web site domain. If you already have a domain, you can also just use wedding as a subdomain.

Do you need one?

If you read all of the information above on wedding sites, I don't know how you could think it would not be great to have one. There are free sites or relative inexpensive sites out there that allow you to create wedding web sites based on their templates.