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Wedding Guest Book

Wedding guest books are a fun and nice memento to have as a keepsake from your wedding. This is something that can be taken care of at any time during your wedding planning, as all you need is a book and some pens or markers. However, make a note to also plan were the guest book will be placed during the pre-reception/reception so that there is a table, or similar, available. Having different colored pens or markers is a cool way to mix up how the book will look once all of your guests have signed it.

If you want to make sure that everyone signs the guest book, it is best to get it out as early as you can and in a clearly visible location. Having it available during the pre-reception will give more people a chance to sign it, before they accidentally forget. It also serves as a way to get the book signed before they drink too much and say something silly. Another way to help ensure that everyone signs the book is to assign someone the role of "gift collector/guest book signing reminder" and/or having your MC make an announcement or reminder for everyone to sign the guest book before they start dancing/leave the wedding. Placing your guestbook near the wedding gift table is an easy and convenient place to keep the book in easy access.

It is important to get a solid, sturdy book that nicely decorated to suit your taste and wedding colors. Chances are you will need the book to be very sturdy as you will be going through this book for years to come. Guest books sometimes have lined pages and sometimes blank, if you have a preference make sure to check this before you buy the guest book.

Don't forget to make sure someone is responsible for collecting the book at the end night.

Unique guest book ideas

In addition to the classic book, there are other unique and creative ways that you have your wedding guest sign and cherish as a keepsake. A popular idea is to have a picture of the two of you blown up to poster size and have your guests sign or a spin on the picture idea is to use a collage of pictures. Outdoorsy or sporty people might want to use things such as a paddle, basketballs or even an old ski. Another cool idea is to get a piece of safety glass or a mirror and have people write on that, keep in mind though that you will need special markers for those surfaces.

You can also get a nice piece of ribbon that people can sign. Just be careful of using markers that work on the surface you choose.

Alternate ideas

Another possible to-do in addition to or instead of a traditional wedding guest book, is have all your guests write on a slip of paper the favorite memory they share with either person getting married, or both. When it comes time to read this, you will definitely be filled with emotion and likely have a few good laughs.

Wedding guest books are simple and fun, and relatively easy, way to have a collection of nice and thoughtful memories from the people that shared your wedding day with you.