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Wedding Registry

It is normal to feel a little awkward about making a big list of things you want to be given as gifts. The last time you did this, you were in grade school writing a letter to Santa Claus. But it is okay. It is actually expected of you to create a wedding registry. Family and friends that plan on buying you gifts will be asking where you are registered and expecting an answer.

It is good to register with more than one store. This will give your family and friends more options when deciding on a gift for you. Also, if you select only one place to register with, some people might not have that particular store near where they live. Keeping that in mind, it is always good to register with at least one larger chain type store. One thing to consider for the wedding couple when they register is to look into what kind of services the stores offer such as online shopping, delivery of your gift(s) or pick up at the local store of the groom and bride etc so that you can make it convenient for your guests.

When selecting things for your registry make sure you vary the prices of items you select. Have a good mix of less expensive items (less than $75), medium price items ($75 - $200) as well as larger price items (greater than $200). For the larger ticket items don't feel as though you are being greedy, as people will give group gifts. Try to mix up the type of items on your registry too; some people might not feel comfortable buying certain gifts for the bedroom and always add "pretty" things to your registry, as grandmothers always like to buy pretty things. It is okay to put more items on your wedding registry than you than you think you will receive, because many places will offer a discount on your items not purchased for you for up to one year after your wedding date. This can add up to a lot of savings.

It is best to make an appointment with the stores you plan to register at, as some open the store early especially for you. Most places have registry experts that can help you make the right choices when selecting your wedding registry. Don't let them push you around though, if you don't want it, don't add it. The other reason to make an appointment is to ensure you get the "gift zapper", this it the barcode scanner that will electronically scan your registry items. Have fun!

If you like to travel you might also want to consider getting registered at a travel agent. This can help you towards a future trip or you can put money towards your honeymoon.

Make sure that you have registered before you send out the wedding invitations. It is something that you should include in your invitations so your guests don't have to figure that out on their own. If you decide not to include your registry details, make sure you let your parents and wedding party know where you are registered to start spreading the word to all your guests. Or, if you have a wedding website, including where you are registered on the site is a smart idea.

It is strongly advised to have a plan before going in and scanning all your items. If you do not plan you might find a lot of spontaneous gifts on your registry (like going to the grocery store hungry). It will also help you decide what stores you want to select which items from.

Do your research on the larger ticket items. Chances are you might never buy another stand mixer, food processor or cappuccino machine if you get the right one now. Doing your research beforehand makes selecting the right product easier when the time counts.

Common registry items

  • Kitchen

    • Dishes, China
    • Cutlery, Silverware
    • Glassware, Crystal
    • Pots and Pans
    • Knives
    • Bakeware
    • Kitchen Tools
    • Food Processor
    • Blender
    • Waffle Maker
    • Coffee Maker
    • Mixing bowls
    • Toaster
    • Serving Platters
    • Linens (Tablecloths, Napkins)
  • Bedroom

    • Sheets
    • Duvet
    • Pillows
    • Lamps
  • Bathroom

    • towels
    • Soap Dishes
  • Have all that, consider these registry items

    • Luggage
    • Bathrobes
    • Camping equipment
    • Board games

Gift Opening

Take notes when opening gifts so you can thank people. This will seem like a pain to do while you are having fun opening gifts, but later on when you are sending thank you cards to all your wedding guests, you will be very glad you did. A simple trick is to jot a note inside the wedding card, so long as you are planning on keep the card for nostalgic reasons. If that is the case, just make sure you don't through the cards away before sending your thank you cards. Another easy way to do it is to start a list on your computer or on paper.

If you are planning on having a gift opening party do not invite too many people, as people might not be as excited as you about it. Only invite close family and maybe a friend or two, if they genuinely interested. The most common time to do this is the morning after the wedding. But it is really up to you as it was your wedding and your gifts.

Instead of having a gift opening party, keep it intimate between the two of you. Or maybe be a little naughty and open some gifts on your wedding night before you go to bed. You are now warned though, you might get caught up in the gift opening excitement that you up late opening all the gifts. "Just one more" often turns into three or four.